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Challenge #03930-J278: Prisoner's Rights

Can we see what shape former CEO Zhetilli Ankhrian is in when the Pax Huanis members turn them over to the CRC? And what becomes of the former CEO after? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Also with reference to: thanks so much for reading]

Sometimes, Zhetilli swore, the only thing stopping them going further was her Havenworlder status. Even a Level One Havenworlder could perish under the wrong circumstances. Humanity were technically Level Five Deathworlders, and could make anyone's life nasty, brutish, and short.

As far as the crew of Pax Humanis Enforcers were concerned, two out of three was a reasonable substitute to pass the time.

It was difficult to sleep while a pack of pathological killers were obeying the very letter of the Decree of Prisoner Rights. Prisoners were entitled to a minimum habitat of private space, shared space, and air recycling system. Check. Technically.

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