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Challenge #03668-J015: Unjustly Underestimated

Valuing strength above all, she saw no worth in me. —————————— “It’s ok dear let mama carry the groceries.” -- Anon Guest

Life is long, and full of struggles. There are many mountains to climb in the span of a lifetime, and I shall do many great deeds. This, I know in my heart of hearts. You may call me prideful, but I name myself 'motivated'.

You, who scoff and sneer at me. You, who judge me by my size. You, who mock my command of your language. You will see my victories.

Behold! That burden which pains you is most the size of my body, but I can carry it nonetheless! I am worth more than your simple evaluation of my accomplishments to date. I am strong! I am capable. I can ease your strife with my strong arms.

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Challenge #02785-G228: Helper's Eye View

Created as helpers/aides. They are infertile, so how do they regard their charges? They are not slave or servant, even though they look after their charge. Remember Julie and Nanny, but how does the process work both from the Augment's view and the charges. -- Bonding

I am Borf. I am good dog. This is Len, they are my pup. My pup is bigger than me, and has been since I was a pup. That is the way of it. I

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