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Challenge #03501-I213: Blessed With the Ability to Curse

They were born with heterochromia and when their canines grew in, they grew in long and pointed. Yes they were human, it was a genetic anomaly. But hey, they loved how it scared pirates when they smiled fully and showed THOSE teeth!

[While I don't have heterochromia - a condition where the person is born with one eye being one color and the other eye being a completely different color, when I lost my eye-teeth, aka the canines, as a kid, the adult teeth grew in long and pointed. Unfortunately.... :-( My parents dragged me to the dentist and had the dentist grind them down to match the rest of my teeth in length, and to get rid of the points. I wish they'd left my fangs alone.] -- DaniAndShali

When Janka was born, it was under some portents that none of the seers could agree upon. Some hailed her arrival as good luck. Others bad. When her eyes changed from their infant's grey to a mismatched pair of colours, they leaned towards bad. Witch-eyed children were certainly a bad omen.

Nevertheless, there were those who championed her welfare, witch-eyed or not.

Once behind a set of smoked glass[1] circles, nobody would see or care that one of her eyes was green and the other brown. It was when her fangs came in that the rest of her village got upset. Which was why, in that same week, Janka's mother sent her off with her father to learn sailing.

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