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Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season already?

I'm going through the tissues like they're going out of style, right now. It could be my hardy perennial self-neglect at at work, because I've not been taking my supplements... or it could be Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season.

Allergies are such fun.

I have a whole lot of sniffling and snorting and coughing and horking up linings of my bronchial tubes to look forwards to. For extremely limited definitions of "look forwards". Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season is hell. And I have one more payday before I can stock up on the juice and ginger ale.


On the plus side, 2015's Year of Instants has been cleared for general audiences. Anyone who's been holding off on paying me money for easy access to 365 stories in one handy volume can now rest easy that shoulder-surfers can also enjoy the content without thinking that you're some kind of perv. Do try and encourage them towards buying their own copy. Thanks in advance.

Fanfic gets the audiences in, but pro fic pays the bills. Le sigh. My current only hope is that my existing fans reel in more fans through word of mouth. Because lord knows that I can't frelling afford even Facebook advertising right now.


I have to start hunting agents real soon now. Inertia is a terrible overlord, with its cronies: stress, anxiety, and doubt. But I can't sit here and whinge about my life. I have to at least try to get out there and climb the long ladder of success.

That way I can moan and whine about any failures along the way. YEARS OF MATERIAL! Thumb's up. Huzzah.

And, in the unlikely event that I become remotely successful, I can moan and whine about how I hardly have time for myself any more. It's win-win.

Kidding, of course. I will love having an income from something I really can't stop doing. It's what going on tours will probably do for my spoons that might be a problem.

And the inevitable "Who the fuck is this noob" author experiences where I go to read to an empty room or to two or five people who are just waiting for the next panel. Or where my merch table is treated like it has the Plague. I have a plan though. Get a shirt printed up that reads: "FREE CANDY! Ask me about my books." And wear it. And actually have a wide selection of Australian lollies to share.

It's amazing how Minties can break the ice.

And if EGDB takes off, I may also have shiny things at my table. Lure them in with promises of jewellery, sell them a book on the side.

I have a plan. Whether or not it's all gas depends entirely on my ability to combat inertia in the first place. But I really want to have a polished novel ready to go. Even if it's just going to go to Amazon or Smashwords in the end.

Gotta keep on trying. Fail faster. Eventually that wall will get tired of my concussion and fall over.