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Challenge #04083-K065: The Humans Are Fine

Aboard a human-built space station, in fact aboard many, there were usually two different entertainment areas side by side. One for havenworlders or others who could not take rough-and-tumble well, and one... for people who thought parkour was the best entertainment ever.

Watching the humans throw themselves off of high walls, ledges, and other dangerous areas was.. more than a little shocking, especially the distances they fell, rolling, to their feet only to run up the wall and do it again! -- Anon Guest

Most newcomers to the Galactic Alliance find it hard to believe in Humans until they meet them. A peculiar species of balding apes, amphibious in nature, that can adapt to some of the most extreme environments that even a level four Deathworld is capable of.

Then they went ahead and found ways to enter environments that would straight-up kill them without technology in the way. They even went to space in vessels that were one good sneeze away from total failure whilst still being over-engineered beyond belief. And then there's what they do for entertainment.

This was a Human Hyperactivity Gym. With rock-climbing walls, brachiation potential, and quite a lot of strange devices that only required weight and muscle to activate. Most Humans called it "The Playground."

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