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I slept through most of yesterday and I feel a lot better about my place in this torture session called life.

I'm still coughing up chunks, but it's looking... good. For limited definitions of 'good'. In terms of chunk horking, there's less chunks, smaller chunks, and the colours of said chunks are giving me hope.

GROSSNESS WARNING: Colour chart for phlegm

  • Clear/transparent/white - nothing is living in your bodily fluids, you're good. For limited definitions of 'good' because you're still horking up chunks.
  • Pale yellow/scrambled egg - Something is living in your bodily fluids, but if you keep hydrating, you got a chance of evicting that mofo
  • Deeper yellow-to-orange - Yeah, it's having a party in there. Keep an eye on it
  • Heritage green/khaki green - If symptoms persist for three days, get thee some antibiotics
  • Blue - What the actual fuck? See a doctor. Bring samples. In biotainers. Not joking

I've had intermittent green ones, but the most chunks have been coming up yellow. So yeah. Plans to hydrate and keep plugging chicken soup into my maw.

I've also learned you can't re-use ginger, cinnamon, or bits of lemon for tea. Sigh.

I'm'a brew me a pot and then get on with my day.