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Challenge #01336-C241: Humans!

"Failure is always an option" -- OohLookShiny

"Look. It was either try it, or give up and die," said Kel.

"There was still a chance for death to not be an option," argued K'niith.

"Yes. And I took it."

"I meant," sighed K'niith, "that there was a chance that did not involve your insane gravity games."

Kel folded her arms. "It's called 'parkour' and it's a form of art."

"It's suicidal insanity, is what it is, you could have broken every bone in your body with that crazed stunt."

"Of course not, I was aiming for them. This is exactly what happens when Chitanians try to be badass space pirates against a Terran Marine."

K'niith glared at her. "There are no records of any other human doing anything like what you did, Cogniscent. I will have nightmares for the rest of my life about the way you launched yourself off of five different surfaces before..." she had to stop and take a mild sedative. "You went right through their primary engine like it was paper."

"Not my fault that they never got the memo about sucrose," argued Kel. "It wasn't even eggshell structured. It would have blown come the first iron micro-meteor to cross their path. So in a roundabout way, I kind'a did them a favour."

"You blew up their ship with your left boot!"

"They surrendered, though."

K'niith took another sedative. There had to be a way to explain to the deathworlder mammal, preferably in small words, that destroying the oppositions ship by flying-kicking it in the engine was not what anyone sensible would refer to as a quality negotiation tactic.

"The goal was peace. Well done for achieving it. What I am trying to suggest, Cogniscent, is that you went about it entirely the wrong way."

The human blinked at her. Were they thinking, or waiting for another point? "Yeah, okay," they said eventually. "But my way was quicker."

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