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Challenge #03275-BONUS001: Just Make it Go Away

Your ignorance is not as good as my scientific studies. You screaming that 'you're offended', is not a valid argument for this discussion. If you want to argue against these protocols, which are meant to protect yours and others' lives, have actual facts on your side. -- Anon Guest

They had asked for help against the endemic pandemic. Then they refused that help on moral, legal, and religious grounds. Deregger CEOs. They wanted all of the advantages and none of the work. Their local media had whipped the populace into a frenzy that included washing their hands in mud before eating finger foods just out of spite.

Yet the CEOs continued to wail and whine about their sick and dying workforce. All while putting roadblocks in the way of the actual help.

"Dude," said the assembled Mediks of the Alliance, "Make up your mind. Do you want your workforce to live or not?"

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Challenge #03254-H345: You Have to Wear One of These Now

A planet is ravaged by illness. Thanks to closed minds raving against the thing that prevented the disease, wearing livesuits everywhere to avoid contracting the immunoflu, the illness still spread. Once people contract it, well, most that contracted it died. The authorities had enough, it was time to DO something. That is when the drones appeared, and immunoflu was going to be coating the planet like ancient farmers dusting their crops. -- Anon Guest

Death and disease do not discriminate. They do

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