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Challenge #01590-D129: Concerned Citizens

This is like watching a train-wreck and the 1812 Overture happening simultaneously. -- RecklessPrudence

The Good Gastronomy Association had been trying to ban Unsuitable Food for decades. They protested that too many people were indulging too often in imbalanced, improper, and unscientific nutrition. The people opposing them protested that that was kind of the point. While it was possible to live forever on Nutri-Food, with all its variations in taste, flavour, and presentation, it was also a very dull life.

There is something contrary about cogniscents in general and humans in particular that makes them crave that which is unhealthy for them. Besides, the protestors against the GGA argued, everyone who chooses Unsuitable Food knows exactly what it is. It's right there in the name.

But now representatives of the GGA were gathered on the observation deck of Unsuitable Food Eat[1] and watching Shayde teaching a small horde of Gyiiks how to make ancient, Terran, Unsuitable Food. So far, they had counted seventeen flagrant violations of nutritional balance, and she hadn't finished making the beef patties yet.

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