Mistaken Identity

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Challenge #03564-I275: Meeting All Kinds

El galáctico es confundido con un canino por un humano con discapacidad visual a bordo de la nave que se dirige a la estación Amalgam. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translated by the internet: The galactic is mistaken for a canine by a visually impaired human aboard the ship heading to Amalgam Station.]

The Human had a white cane, but they could also clearly see some things. They could not, evidently, see clearly. They were using pet manners on her.

"Hello, pup? Where's your people, pup?"

Yen said, "I am my people. Passenger, not pet. Though I do understand the confusion."

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Challenge #01016-B284: Rescued!

I'm not a machine... just someone with night vision and a heads-up display -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Significant thoughts about a certain SPG Music Video]

Kyri had thought she was in a very effective prison until someone walked through the wall like it was made out of wet cellulose. She had to assume they were a someone, because they passed the Turing test within five minutes.

She spent most of her escape inside a protection pod, but judging by the jinking turns and

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