Challenge #01016-B284: Rescued!

I'm not a machine... just someone with night vision and a heads-up display -- RecklessPrudence

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Kyri had thought she was in a very effective prison until someone walked through the wall like it was made out of wet cellulose. She had to assume they were a someone, because they passed the Turing test within five minutes.

She spent most of her escape inside a protection pod, but judging by the jinking turns and sudden bumps, it was quite a ride.

Kyri emerged at a campsite and fireplace. Something aromatic was brewing in a camp kettle, and her saviour was busy repairing themselves.

"It's all clear," said the metal behemoth. "We're on our way to the pickup zone. Nobody's after us, I made sure of that. It's against regs to let you out, but... Doesn't seem fair, swapping one prison for another."

"My thanks, honoured A.I.," said Kyri. "My fate was not optimistic, before you came for me."

"Yeah, I got three other assholes on their way with other captives. Former captives. I know they got out. They must be having some fun getting to rendezvous..." Then the machine laughed. "And I'm not an A.I. This is just armour."

It took off its head to reveal a much smaller head within. "Night vision, heads-up display, autotargeting and your choice of a whole range of destructive and non-destructive arsenals. The very best that Terran techs have to offer. It's even EMP proof." The human within grinned as she showed off her tech.

"My apologies. You have done a remarkable impersonation of a mechanical entity."

"Why would-- oh wait. You're an Ambassador. Of course you met the Consortium of Steam."

"Kyri T'ketta," she said by way of an introduction.

"Kira Morain. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Want some of my MRE? It's Havenworlder friendly."

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