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Challenge #03199-H290: An Honest Mistake

Dear General,

It is true that your soldiers may outnumber mine.

But the ocean runs deep.

I am certain that you will run out of men, before the ocean runs out of space. -- Anon Guest

It only looked like a Graveworld. There were all the signs. Ruined buildings in the midst of assorted plants run amok. Domesticated animals turned wild, creating an ecology of their own. There were even apocalypse journals left where they might survive until discovery.

More Graveworlds were caused by monoculture abuse than war. This one was one of the former.

Those resettling the world wondered about the occasional references to "the underpeople," but could not find any tunnels or signs of subsurface habitation. In retrospect, they should have looked further than the land masses.

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Challenge #01844-E020: Considering Coconuts -- Anon Guest

Merfolk didn't want to have much to do with the surface. There was plenty more to eat under the water and they knew it. But the two-legs-like-us[1] were getting deeper and deeper nets, and something had to be done. Let's just say mistakes were made on both sides. Most notable of these is coconuts.

For eons of Merfolk civilisation, they understood coconuts as ill omens. Something that is made to float, sinking

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Challenge #01088-B356: Catch of the Day -- Anon Guest

[AN: Epileptics, beware of the gif background]

The water was her second home. People who knew Nel said that they were waiting for her to grow gills. The people of Nothéré Island knew her so well that she once attended a job interview in a bikini and flipflops. Nel knew everywhere on Nothéré in relation to the closest or the most convenient swimming location.

And it was one summer afternoon after a

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