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Challenge #02952-H029: Guaranteed For a Lifetime

I know this one's hella old, but I was wondering, as he gets older, has a girlfriend, maybe kids, do they end up working for Madam? Does he teach his kids computer equipment and have them to go college so that they can work for her and be her IT team? Or does he actually suggest hiring an IT team, working with her carefully, of course, so that she can stay up to date? Or, does she end up turning him into a vampire so that he can be her eternal IT guy and asks him to choose a few others to train up like he is so they can stay up to date with the equipment forever, too? What would it be like to be a vampire's eternal IT consultant?

It's from this prompt from 2018. -- DaniAndShali

There are some nice things about working for a vampire. There are some not-nice things. I already had a nocturnal lifestyle, so going to bed sometime after dawn had no fears for me. Being forced to operate at business hours for excursions to the little village in the dell is a bit of a pain in the butt, but I think I have the hang of going out at around about sunset to do my mortal thing.

Madam doesn't quite have the hang of remembering what's acceptable food in the modern era. She still believes quinoa is something you can catch from bad humors. It's not my job description to teach her modern cuisine. I'm there to teach her modern technology. So far, I'm getting her to graduate upwards to relatively newer machines. It's been... a journey.

I got to bitching to the poor chip shop girl as I got myself a quick meal after the grocery shopping. Which is interesting because she was a sympathetic ear. Turns out her grandma is the exact same type. We had a lot of "does yours" kind of laughs. We had fun.

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