Life Goals

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Half an hour per diem

If I can focus (stop laughing) I can spend half an hour a day learning both Java and RPG Maker each. According to a friend on the interwebs, all I need is a few video tutorials to start with and I should be able to muddle through the rest of it on my only.

We'll see. I can be a thoroughgoing dill sometimes.

For those of you anxious about Garbageman... the only news I have is bad. Capt S. changed her mind and said he can stay. Worst. Choice. Ever. Unfortunately, you just can't tell some people and people are perfectly in their rights to make horrible, horrible decisions about things.

I can only pray that Capt S. comes to her senses and realises what a shithole this person is and firkin evicts him before he can claim defacto rights. I'm pretty certain that that's one of the plans on his playlist. That, or literally everyone that Capt S. shares her entire life story with on the daily realises for her and helps put all thoughts of defacto anything out on the kerb with the rest of the garbage.

Those of you who are good at godbothering, do have a go at influencing the Powers That Be. I've had my rant at the cosmic forces and once is enough or it goes firkin sour.

I'm gonna try getting my writing out of the way before I do my education. Mayhem is (a) awake and (b) loud so I can't record for Oh My Mods today. There might be hope for tomorrow. Depending entirely on how sound a nights' sleep I get.

We shall see.

But I have a half-hour hourglass. I can use that for Khan Academy and farting around on RPG Maker.