Learned Helplessness

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Challenge #03823-J171: By the Sweat of Thy Brow...

People are so used to getting their food delivered, they would pretty much starve to death trying to so much as boil an egg by themselves. Well, we won't let them starve, but we will help them learn to cook. Otherwise, they're going to get REALLY tired of nutripaste, water, and salad. -- Anon Guest

Sometimes, when a Deregger worlds fall, there are those who have no idea how to move forward into the new way to live. There are the poor, the weak, and struggling masses, but they already know how to work. What became a concern were those who floated along in ease and luxury. Those who had never done a thing for themselves.

In other words: the ruling class.

Without their staff, they ordered in. Without restaurants willing to serve them, they were willing to accept the CRC Emergency Sustenance Packs. At least until they discovered that those packs contained the most basic of Nutri-Food Packets[1] and purified water.

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