Laze Ethic

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Laze Ethic

There needs to be an opposite of a work ethic. That's the one I'm going with for now. It's where you purposely make time to slob around and do just the things that make you feel better.

Be that a gigantic bubble bath, a day of trash TV and worse food, or a day of retail therapy. Or a wine and karaoke night. Whatever. You take that entire day and enjoy it and don't think about work because you freaking earned this.

Indie artist types need this one. We believe in the bootstrap myth to the point where we burn ourselves out and then feel guilty for needing a break.

You don't have to call it a Laze Ethic though. Self-care day. Respite day. Even a (gasp) holiday. Make time off as well as time for work. Spend the entire day in bed if you want to. If it makes you happy, fucking do it.

You'll find you can survive the slings and arrows of the regular slog all the better when your batteries are properly charged.


I'm in my kigu and uggs. I've just had a slice of cheesecake with cream. And I'm planning to write today's Instant and spend the rest of my day alternately fanficcing, napping, and maybe listening to episodes of Critical Role.

I may even find time for Minecraft.