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Challenge #03105-H197: To Break a Curse

I'm trying to get around the Akmet filter, this prompt was what InterNutter suggested in their comments but for some reason the bot hates it when you use comments from one of your postings as a suggested prompt. At least for this one. So let's try a screen shot and the address to the Challenge it comes from? -- DaniAndShali

[AN: For the record, the idea given by BKF/DaniAndShali is, "That's sweet, he finally has hope. Watch, she'll turn out to be one of those he'd've willingly killed but, due to the spell on him, he also sees her as an innocent. As the spell lifts, he sees her as a Tiefling or another type of being and realizes the kindness showed her beauty, and finally understands the lesson. That the personality, the heart, shows who is evil and who is not."]

Lele found him passed out on sharp rocks. Again. "You idiot," she sighed affectionately. It was a moment's work to set up the pocket tent and activate the wand of levitation so she could haul Arden the Monstrous into a decent bed for a change. Between actual spinning and concocting a story in a notebook, and unpacking the picnic basket, there was plenty of time for him to get a long rest. When he finally woke she said, "You can't protect people if you don't look after yourself, you know."

"You keep telling me," he allowed. "Are you writing a new story?" He didn't pry because he didn't believe he deserved anything nice - not even mild amusement.

Lele shrugged. "Sort of. I'm paring down your story and ours to the barest elements. No names, no details... just once upon a time in a far off land. Sooner or later, all stories become once upon a time... When they're not, this is a true story, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine." She took a moment to finish a thought on the page. "I worry about you. You're not proving anyone's point killing yourself slowly like this."

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