Julie And Nanny

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Challenge #01625-D164: A Girl and Her Service Dog

Can we see more of Julie and her care dog Nanny please? -- Knitnan

Julie read the stops on the map as they came up to them. Her travelling equipment clutched on her lap. Nanny sat beside her in a more doggy pose than she usually adopted, muttering, "Good girl," and "Right Fin Park Atrium," alternately. Finally, Julie said, "That's next! Standing up time."

Looking at Nanny, one might expect the gigantic St Bernard to stand on all fours, but Nanny was an Augment. She had just enough smarts to fill the blanks that Julie possessed as a matter of accident, and enough altered body parts to allow her to function in her human companion's world. Thusly, she stood on two feet, and grasped the overhead handles with an altered front paw. Her tail wagged as the tram slowed. "Our stop! Our stop. Good girl."

They held hands as they left the tram together, and where one failed, the other helped. Working together as a cohesive whole to reach their destination. Which, in this case, was the Atrium level of Right Fin Park. Park space is an essential element in large stations. Not only is it the public part of the atmosphere recycling system, but it is also essential to residents' mental health. Time exposed to familiar flora and fauna has been repeatedly shown to improve morale in all species.

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