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Challenge #03189-H280: Visual Aid

Sometimes, despite the CRC's best efforts, you have to be cruel to be kind. In this case, a person has been abusing themself and all therapies and medications are not helping much. So, instead, a non-sentient construct is made of the person so the person is forced to see, and hear, the pain inflicted as if to another person, and realize what it is they are doing, and find out WHY this is happening. -- Anon Guest

Humans are very strange. This is an agreed truth. Most species have biological or sociological reasons for doing what they do. Each Human comes pre-packaged with their own illogic and it can take a lot of effort to unriddle the gordian knot of what-ifs and becauses.

In the case of Deregger Rescues, it's even more difficult.

Human Zo was the quiet sort, but they were also self-destructive. Not taking care what she collided with and initiating verbal abuse against herself before anyone else could speak. She would work herself to exhaustion and drink herself into oblivion. It was becoming abundantly clear that none of the crew's appeals could reach her.

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