I'm Going Slightly Mad

A 2-post collection


Today's the day my little darlings head off to Nanna's for a little more than a week. I'll do up Chaos' hair one more time and re-pack the essential hairdressing kit of tangle comb, divider comb, topsy-tailer and carnivorous hair clip. I'm willing to bet money that miss Chaos will come home in a ponytail and the majority of the hair gear untouched.

Except I won't have money because I'm spending it all in going to Tullagawoopwoop. Lol.

I've packed up all the rando crap I have for the making of clip-on bling. Beloved's commission pair is joining my stocks, they don't want them. The clips I have are particularly predatory and hurt their earlobes, poor love.

When I get back home, I'm going to have to add a cautionary note to my clip-on FAQ on how to get used to wearing clip-ons.

But today... I am doing all the Last Leg stuff. Figuring out what clothings to bundle into my suitcase. Figuring out how much bling gear to add in to said suitcase so that very little is at risk of spilling.

I figure it'll be good practice when I take my act on the road. Manufacturing spare bling will be an ideal way to fill my hours of nobody coming to my booth. When I have a booth.

I worry about really long-term things and I need to stop.


Cosplaying when you can't fucking sew is expensive. When I have the free time, I am going to have to get myself some lessons on sewing and drafting.

I just spent almost $180 on a dress from HelloCosplay. It's a very nice dress, too. I still haven't got the corset because the sizing chart doesn't match the sizes when you order one 9_9

At least the prices are better than the potential angst of ordering from a place like FanPlusFriend.


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