Cosplaying when you can't fucking sew is expensive. When I have the free time, I am going to have to get myself some lessons on sewing and drafting.

I just spent almost $180 on a dress from HelloCosplay. It's a very nice dress, too. I still haven't got the corset because the sizing chart doesn't match the sizes when you order one 9_9

At least the prices are better than the potential angst of ordering from a place like FanPlusFriend.

I still have to get the makeup, finish the mask, and assist Beloved in building the heart. I might forgo the crank and the humorous bloomers because time is short and I can only panic about so many things. [And I have a sneaking suspicion I might be able to purchase some from a stall at WWC...]

The petticoats will be coming from a dollar shop. I know where to get them and how to mess with them so they don't go agley on me.

The big panic for me at the moment is how to get an art deco rose onto the surface of my mask piece and where I could plausibly obtain The Pro Stuff - a water-soluable makeup adhesive which means I won't get chemical burns from the alcohol-soluable stuff.

Life is fun when you're allergic to alcohol.

Google has not been my friend, looking for this stuff.

Fortunately, I'm getting very good at finding alternate phrasing and "prosthetic makeup adhesive" has worked to find a place that sells it. Yay.

Now to find some way to get the rose on that won't kill me in the process...