Horror House

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Challenge #03867-J215: Marie Celested

All the crew were safely in sound proof escape pods. The lights were now dimmed, the human was on the intercom. Time to go Haunted House on these ruffians!

Took Therapists months to stop the pirates from screaming in their sleep. -- Anon Guest

First up, I fully understand the charges of psychological damage in the second degree. In my defence... they did attack us.

As a Ship's Human, it's my job to keep the crew, the cargo, and the ship safe. In that priority. If I can't save anything else, I have to save as many of the crew as possible. I get bonuses for saving the entire kit and kaboodle. I get demerits for killing people, so you could say that I was sufficiently motivated to scare them off.

I admit, I overdid it. See, the problem with psychological warfare is that you never know how much is just enough and how much is over the top. My crew were safe in the lifepods, so now I had to stop the invaders from getting to the cargo.

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