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Challenge #01219-C124: The Truth About Dragons

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They say that dragons are terrifying beasts. They say that their appetites know no bounds. They say that they thrive on fear. They say that they hoard things just to keep them from mortal hands. They say a lot of things, really. Especially after they've had a few pints, down at the local pub.

Eve knew differently.

For starters, Dragons are more than fine with a sheep or a cow once a month. And can even be convinced to hunt mountain lions, crocodiles, and other predators that made life a little more risky for her fellow villagers..

Secondly, Dragons don't really care what they hoard. Brightscale was completely happy with a collection of milky quartz from the quarry, because it was shiny and it glittered and he could really rub the itches out with it.

Sharp enough rocks were almost like catnip for a Dragon.

Thirdly, all it took was one scratch behind an ear or between their shoulder blades and they'd follow you forever.

At least until Eve convinced Brightscale that the little cave by the ocean that she'd carefully stocked with the aforementioned quartz was a better idea than disturbing the horses and cattle at her little farm and pasture.

Fourth, Dragons were very clever. After recognising that Eve feared mountain lions, crocodiles and wolves, Brightscale took to landing with dead ones between his mighty jaws. Right in the middle of the city centre, and evidently very proud of himself.

Eve never had to pay for an aged ewe after the fourth mountain lion. And some villagers took to feeding him cooked treats or scratching him with brushes made of flint arrows. But Brightscale always looked to Eve for his official, "Good boy!"

The only real problem was the occasional knight attempting to rescue her from Brightscale's "foul clutches". Those knights always got a lecture about the true nature of Dragons. For hours on end, or until they gave up and went away. Whichever happened first.

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