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Shrink Day

I'm seeing my shrink today to see if I still have a brain in my fluffy little noggin. I'm guessing yes.

I'm gonna bring along the iPad because I actually committed some art between visits and there's a chance I might get struck with inspiration during the natter.

My priority list for the HAM when I can fit it in are:

  • The publically viewable stories
  • Patreon Tuesday
  • 500 words
  • Editing the last of the Oh My Mods footage so I can put that program away

Of course I'm going to tell my shrink about HAM. It's like the mental processes version of 20:10 for distractable arseholes like myself.

20:10 is environmental unfucking for spoonies. Twenty minutes sorting your shit out, ten minutes having a breather. It really works when you lack energy for the all-out purge.

HAM is like that for mental tasks. Writing a thing, working on a different thing, learning processes. It's easy to get burned out and disappointed when you're just doing the one thing and/or failing a lot. HAM means you move on in short burst to other things.

Speaking of other things... I should get rattling on my HAMs.

I'm much better today

A good dose of sleep has helped me recover my energies, and the digestive upset seems to be over for the interim. Huzzah.

This means I can return to prioritising my HAM for the day.

So, in rough order of priority:

  1. Today's Instant
  2. Today's TAZ ficlet
  3. Second attempt at RPG maker
  4. Further education in Java
  5. Initiate education in idle game-making

I'm taking a half-hour between my working half-hours for my personal entertainment. Sanity HAM if you will. I'll see if it works

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