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Stop Hitting Myself...

Another crowded day ahead.

  • The usual morning blogging and story rigmarole
  • Meeting with Chaos' teacher in an hour and a half
  • Gotta secure some supplies
  • The usual novel stuff
  • Patreon Tuesday
  • Find time and energy for an hour of SESP
  • Drive away the guilt for not being able to do so yesterday

All I want to do, on the other hand, is catch up with Critical Role and finish writing a whump fic.

Maybe after I finish B'Nar [in a little under ten months' time] I can give myself a bit more of a holiday to just... enjoy myself.

In other news, I have watched the first season of Disenchanted and I have to say I'm impressed. The plot points are smooth, the world feels real enough and the characters, whilst initially seeming shallow, have some genuine depth to them. These are not one-joke wonders.

At least for now.

We'll see how season two holds up.

And now... a mad scramble to write an Instant before I have to rack off.