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Challenge #03865-J213: Good For What Ails You

"The local plant life had an interesting capability of exuding serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin at varying levels whenever they were touched."

The therapists and other mental health care workers of the Alliance were over the moon with joy. An entire world of plants that worked perfectly for treating chronically depressed, traumatized, deregger rescues. -- Anon Guest

Welcome to Happyworld. Your livesuit must be inspected before exiting this sealed environment.

Though this is a Havenworld, it is a statistical outlier amongst all known Havenworlds. The plants and animals alike exude neurochemicals associated with positive emotions. As such, excessive exposure to the native life can result in catastrophic bliss. This is a state of unique delight in which all other activities become no longer worth participation. The victim perishes in delirious self-neglect.

Your livesuit must be fitted with integrity detection systems for your own safety.

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Challenge #03768-J115: Don't Pet the Plants

The expedition lands on a planet that is a Havenworld, an incredible paradise. Unfortunately, several of the very, otherwise harmless, plants, act for the ship's crew the way catnip is for most cats. The plant is utterly harmless otherwise. -- Anon Guest

It was a beautiful Havenworld. Nothing living there was even cusp-cogniscent, so it was relatively young[1]. The plantlife was short and squishy and easy to both harvest and consume. And, according to the last transmission, smelled real good.


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