Challenge #03768-J115: Don't Pet the Plants

The expedition lands on a planet that is a Havenworld, an incredible paradise. Unfortunately, several of the very, otherwise harmless, plants, act for the ship's crew the way catnip is for most cats. The plant is utterly harmless otherwise. -- Anon Guest

It was a beautiful Havenworld. Nothing living there was even cusp-cogniscent, so it was relatively young[1]. The plantlife was short and squishy and easy to both harvest and consume. And, according to the last transmission, smelled real good.

The rest of the survey team's transmissions were incoherent babble. The video feeds weren't much help. Weird angles, close shots of the local flora, or views of the beautifully shapely clouds.

The overseer ship sent down a probe to see what happened to the survey team. And found them blitzed out of their fluffy little minds.

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