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Challenge #02444-F254: Wilful Air Adulteration

They were out on a scientific survey of a new planet and pirates were on their tail. They knew they had at least two hours before they were caught and their ship had little by way of weaponry. They made their ship's human his favorite, but usually forbidden unless they were planet-side where there was lots of fresh air, meal. Hot dogs and BEANS! As he smiled, thanked them, and dug in to his meal, the gas masks were being handed out. The pirates boarded, thinking it would be an easy win. As the air grew hard to breathe, even their livesuits were struggling, they never knew what hit them. -- BKFecyk

Don't be a pirate if you can't afford the suit - a peculiar saying in the Edge territories.

Submitted for your education, the Battle of the Far Sniffer. The vessel was on a scientific mission in the Edge and had therefore hired a Human to be their bodyguard/assistant/hazard deterrent. Fortunately, Human Jef was good at their job. Unfortunately, they greatly favoured dishes that resulted in noxious fumes emitting from their digestive system.

Those meals were restrained to open-air environments, simply because his sulphurous eructations were too strong for the low-budget filters on the cheaper livesuits available to both public and private organisations. Too strong, and -as many complained- too frequent. Human Jef was greatly amused by this, and obeyed the Far Sniffer's rules. That is, until the pirate ship attacked.

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