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Challenge #02470-F280: Fluidity

A genderfluid human whose sexuality changes along with their gender, attempts to explain how they experience life to someone with very little context, save for that this particular human is sometimes interested in them and sometimes... just wants to play video games together. -- Anon Guest

Humans have so many labels for things. It could be amusing, were it not for the multitude of those who struggle with those labels and what they mean to them. Prefixes and suffixes and interfixes, oh my. The more varieties come into the light, the more language bends, spindles, and mutilates in order to accommodate them.

Do not consider this small tale a primer. There are new corners reaching the light every day. This just happens to be one. Welcome, one and all, to plasti-sexual. We will allow one who uses the label to define it.

Human Qor has just used it to try and explain to Ships' Companion Trusk. "Depending on the day, the mood, the phase of hormones, I can be anywhere from A- to Hyper-sexual and anywhere in between. It goes for the -romantic suffix too. Today's an asexual, aromantic day."

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