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Challenge #01094-B362: Slip of the Tongue

The first time someone else hears a monster refer to Asgore as "King Fluffybuns" In Asgore's presence -- Gallifreya

[AN: Whoops, I kinda did that yesterday as well. Perspective change should help]

The President held her breath rather than snort. Had that old turtle said what she thought he'd said? Judging by the growing blushes on the goat people, he had. The brace of ministers and royalty all had contagious shaking shoulders, bitten lips, and a selection of small snorting noises.

"Heheh," said the monster. "Old Underground joke."

Everyone was valiantly trying their hardest not to laugh. Except the youngest Ambassador, Frisk, who let their giggles free.

The people in the room broke. Everyone joined in with the laughter. Cassandra had tears in her eyes and a stitch in her side. Even the bodyguards were smirking and laughing under their breaths.

And, oddly enough, it greatly reduced the tensions in the room.

President Cassandra let the laughter ebb, and let a little bit of banter pass un-noted. "Now," she coughed. "About the monster protection act..."

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Challenge #01093-B361: One Little Slip

The first time someone else hears a monster refer to the king as "King Fluffybuns" -- Gallifreya

Gerson had said it before he realised he'd said it. There were humans present. Important, official humans. And they had all heard him say 'King Fluffybuns'.

And now some of them seemed to be choking on their laughter.

"Heheh," he managed. "Old Underground joke."

And it did not help that both the King and Queen Dreemurr were blushing.

The humans convulsed. Some snorted. A room

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