Challenge #01093-B361: One Little Slip

The first time someone else hears a monster refer to the king as "King Fluffybuns" -- Gallifreya

Gerson had said it before he realised he'd said it. There were humans present. Important, official humans. And they had all heard him say 'King Fluffybuns'.

And now some of them seemed to be choking on their laughter.

"Heheh," he managed. "Old Underground joke."

And it did not help that both the King and Queen Dreemurr were blushing.

The humans convulsed. Some snorted. A room full of very important people were desperately trying not to crack.

And then the young ambassador for monsters, Frisk, began to giggle.

The dam broke. The humans burst into laughter. The monsters burst into laughter. Even the severe and straight-laced security people in the room cracked a smile.

"Of course you'd remember that," joked Asgore. "The closest thing my reign has had to a scandal in centuries."

Frisk looked up to Toriel and signed, You're that old?

"Do not worry," soothed Toriel. "All is well."

"Now," coughed one of the important people in suits. "About the monster protection act..."

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