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Challenge #02870-G313: Double-edged Blade

I was Baptized twice. Once in water, once in flame. I survived because the fire within me burn brighter than the fire around me. -- Joshua Graham

There's a reason why certain peoples are fire resistant. Their ancestry is in flames, their genome comes from an active cauldera. There are pyres in their souls. Those who claim to have souls, anyway. Some have given up on laying claim to souls.

It's the way of worlds with magic in their bones. Be dragon-kin and people respect you. Be demon-kin and people reject you. Barava was neither of those. She was Human, and not even a trace of another intelligent species had found its way into her bloodline. Nevertheless, fire didn't touch her.

She had no magic, but she forged steel, which was close enough. She did not make blood swords, or swords with the souls of the vengeful dead intertwined with the metal. She didn't make swords with magic powers. She did, however, make blades so sharp that they could cut through bone in one blow.

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