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Challenge #02209-F019: An Unnatural Fascination

Alright, so I have yet to see something about pyromaniacs in any of the posts out there and figured here was a good place to submit the idea.

Could you imagine them finding out about some humans really, really loving fire?

Like sure, they use fire and appreciate it and its many uses, but maybe there aren’t any aliens that actually love or enjoy fire?

Like there are many of us that actively play with fire or are drawn to it in some inexplicable way. Then the aliens find out and… They are even more terrified of us. -- Anon Guest

Before Humans, Galactic Society made some presumptions. They presumed, for instance, that civilisations naturally grew out of a fascination with fire. Then Humans hit the Galactic scene. Even on the edges, these weird statistical outliers of Deathworlders proved to be surprising at all angles.

The Human they had hired barely spoke GalStand Simple, but they had proved useful on multiple occasions. Including this one, where they were stranded on a wild planet and awaiting a response to their rescue beacon. They knew a shocking amount about survival in that sort of situation, and their Fafthniki shipmates had to wonder if all Humans were trained in this sort of knowledge from birth.

The truth was far weirder than that.

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