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Challenge #01229-C134: One Random Encounter Inside Walter Manor.

Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from technology.

... and then there's that thing in the corner. -- Anon Guest

"Bonjour," said the thing. It seemed cheerful enough. It seemed human enough, provided that one was sufficiently myopic and without their glasses. It's heart was definitely not in the right place, given that it was both outside its clothing and sparkling with its own inner lights.

"What is it doing here?" said Lorraine. The Walter Worker assigned to her just shrugged.

"Je cherché pour Maman," said the thing. It produced a black card from its corset. "Ici? C'est Maman."

"I... don't speak french..."

The thing startled. "Oh! Oh, neither do I. I just- I just glitch less when I use-use-use it."

Rrrrrriiiiiiiight... Lorraine turned to the Walter Worker. "Is she one of yours?"

The Walter Worker signed, I'm pretty sure that's not a Walterbot.

"Quoi?" said the thing.

There was a chain around it's neck. Lorraine gently lifted it up and found a small pocketwatch and a little tag.

If found, notify Steve Negrete. And some of his contact details.

Somewhere in the mansion, there was going to be a very, very, very unlucky dragon.

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Challenge #00875-B144: Things To Do...

W.I.P. (work in progress, U.F.O. (unfinished object). See what you can do with it.

[AN: You don’t really need to say “see what you can do with it” at
the end of a prompt. I will see. And so will you. Required reading: Ballad of Bitzer]

July 13 1923

had been waiting. Hiding silently under the dropcloth and listening. One of the children had a nasty cough. It sounded like the poor infant’s
throat was

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sw33tbroshellablog:SPG COSPLAYERS So instead of spending 10 dollars on a thing of Mehron, I bought this for 3 dollars online. It shipped...


So instead of spending 10 dollars on a thing of Mehron, I bought this for 3 dollars online. It shipped fast and when I put it on, one Finger dab covered my whole cheek!!! It spread so evenly too!

You can order them here:

Does the white make an acceptable substitute for silver? Or are you using other colours?

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