End of an Era

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Monday, Long Monday No More

Thanks to Game Night happening in the early morning, I now have Mondays relatively free!


For today, my problem is remembering that it's Monday, and not getting a day ahead of myself.

My PLNs today include the Tale Foundry backup reads, dungeon set-dressing, fic tagging, and doing what I can to create more novel.

Beloved's binging chapters at warp speed and it's hard not to feel rushed about it.

I need to go searching for a way to do the dang cover, so that's also on my agenda.

Let's get on with shit.

Long Monday No More?

Usually, Mondays are a long day for me, but that may no longer be the case. I shall see how I fare today.

The nap is still planned for between the stream and the Tale Foundry readings, but after that, I have no expectations beyond experimentation.

Time will definitely tell.

I might even ponder having a stream somewhere towards the afternoons. But not that hard.

Stream soon. Story posted when I wake up.

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