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Moving right along

I did a little composing in Garageband, and I learned a few things. If I want to make a new tune, I have to record it and then tweak it in the piano roll later.

Beloved also told me how to import instruments. Possibly again. I have a shocking memory.

But there is now a loop-able jingle for my eventual e-store that uses the note progression E, G, D, B as a cheerful background to two other loops from Garageband. And since Chaos helped me with the bass line and Beloved added the fade-outs, I have to go mess with the metadata to credit all of us.

Turns out that that sort of thing is only available in iTunes, so I have to share the one that's been messed with in iTunes. Fortunately, there's ways of twiddling with the names that tells me which one is which.

The song is twenty-eight seconds long and, apart from the fade-outs, roughly symmetrical. It could be going for quite some time before customers get irritated at all. Nevertheless, I do want sound controls so I don't wind up pissing off my clients. Possibly a floating circle with a music symbol. Click it and the music stops and you get a 'no' bar across it. And have it in the page margins so it won't interfere with the shopping experience.

Yeah, I have a lot of work lined up for Beloved.

If I could get my fuzzy head around coding at all, I'd do it myself. But about all I can handle is MarkUp, and I'm not even very clever with that. I know there's lessons, but they co$t lot$ and lot$. Plus I have the sneaking suspicion that all that dosh would go to naught. As I said, I have a shocking memory.

This makes the tenth musical piece that I have created in my lifetime. Including eight techno pieces I did for a Minecraft series once upon a time and an a capella tune that I can't transcribe for the life of me.

I'm not very musically talented. But I can put together stuff that sounds more or less okay on Garageband. I'm sure real musicians would roll their eyes at me.

I'm better off with words.