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Challenge #02198-F008: Immortality Perversion

Little known fact: Queen Elizabeth II is a descendant of Vlad the Impaler, meaning she, and the rest of the lineage to the throne under her, are direct heirs to the bloodline of Dracula...

Kinda makes her remarkably long life seem a bit questionable now, doesn't it? -- Anon Guest

They say wealth has its privileges. One amongst many of those is being able to literally get away with murder. The only mistake -say- Elizabeth Bathory made was selecting someone who was popular as part of her gallery of victims. The elite have only become more subtle since then.

Teenagers go missing all the time, all over the world...

Science is gaining on them, though. Uncovering their methods. Highlighting the avenues of sanguine rejuvenation for all to see. They have injected older mice with the blood of the young to reverse signs of ageing in the older one. This has since memetically transformed into older people devouring the blood of the young to do the same.

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