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Challenge #01497-D036: Incautious Wishing

They go about their daily lives, unnoticed, but without them, things would soon fall apart. -- Anon Guest

He'd got his wish. Those Types were gone from his country. They may even be gone from the world, but he didn't really care about anything beyond the borders that didn't make him money. This encapsulated quite an amount of uncaring for the world, had he cared about that, either.

He had exactly forty-eight hours to enjoy his newly-made paradise. No man remaining in his country was unemployed. In fact, businesses all over the country were scrabbling for employees. They even hired women into traditionally male arenas because there were just so few people in the country to work.

And there was nobody to clean up. Offices remained as filthy as they were left. The trash began to pile up. The laundry began to pile up. The housework, not done by the working wives, piled up. Weekends, usually a time of rest and relaxation, filled to the brim with drudgery and monotonous maintenance.

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Challenge #01403-C308: Making Wishes Three

Someone actually makes three sensible wishes. Knitnan

"Three wishes, you say," said Lynn. "May I think about them?"

"Of course," said the Djinn. "But no thinking out loud."

Lynn sat on a handy rock and took out her notebook and pencil. The good one with the decent eraser. She wrote, World peace and remembered that episode of the X-files. No. What she needed was unbreakable, unbendable, non-interpretable set of wishes. She stuck her chewelry gem in her mouth and got to really

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