Challenge #01403-C308: Making Wishes Three

Someone actually makes three sensible wishes. Knitnan

"Three wishes, you say," said Lynn. "May I think about them?"

"Of course," said the Djinn. "But no thinking out loud."

Lynn sat on a handy rock and took out her notebook and pencil. The good one with the decent eraser. She wrote, World peace and remembered that episode of the X-files. No. What she needed was unbreakable, unbendable, non-interpretable set of wishes. She stuck her chewelry gem in her mouth and got to really thinking.

It took quite some time, but rules-lawyering a good wish had to take time.

Finally, she spat out her chewelry and cleared her throat. "I'm ready."

"As am I," he said.

"Number one: I wish for a gradual and slow increase in the state of empathy and sympathy in every member of the human race until such time as all reasons for combat of any kind are eliminated, with a maximum ceiling for sympathy and empathy set at the level where personal care is still possible at a level of maximum functionality."

The Djinn snarled. "Granted," he snarled.

"Number two: I wish for all people to have a logical and reasonable access to everything they truly need, that will not alert any unsympathetic authorities to any change in fortune, and that they also find themselves increasingly uninterested in the activities that cause trouble for themselves and others."

He was steaming slightly, now. And turning red in the face. "Granted." But then he found a reason to smile. "Your last wish must be solely for yourself. We agreed."

"I wish to always have exactly the right amount of money for any and all purchases I make for the rest of my life."

"...i hate lawyers," the Djinn mumbled. "Granted."

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