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Challenge #01463-D002: Visit Zoq'in University!

Motto of a Uni in a world where Humans are Doc Brown (doesn't necessarily have to be a human-run uni): Training the Terrifying Terran Technologists of Tomorrow. -- RecklessPrudence

All things considered, it is a great boon to the universe that Terrans have never been able to read Golq'ethin. Otherwise, when bright-eyed and enthusiastic future engineers of all flavours entered the decorative gates, they'd have read, Zoq'in University, Training the Terrifying Terran Technologists of Tomorrow. But they could not begin to unriddle the intricate curls and subtle colours that made up Golq'ethin, so they just thought it was pretty. They turned it into patterns around the hems of their clothing. They used it as decorative borders on their art, into partial doodles in their margins.

Never once knowing what they were mimicking.

Tutors at Zoq'in rotated quickly, despite undergoing Stress Resistance Training, having frequent holidays, and free therapy. And the reason why is... humans are incorrigible. They take extant technology and compulsively work on ways to improve it.

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