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Challenge #02202-F012: Examining Uncertain Truths

Humans have had alot of time and reasons to think up Gods and Dieties.

How would they(aliens) react If they learn about the flying Spaghetti-Monster-Religion or the disturbing Cult(ure) of Cthulu.

Or even worse.... Boy-bands and their fanatic Fans !

Have fun :-) -- Anon Guest

Welcome to Xenotheology, the most complicated course in the field of omnistudies. We begin by acknowledging that all faiths are true, for interesting values of 'true'. You will come across materials in this field of study that will disagree with your own personal values. This is to be expected. However, I do not expect anger from you about this. This is a study on the nature of religion across all known cultures within the Galactic Alliance. This is not a debate about which one is 'correct'.

The professor waited a span of minutes for all the forewarned to leave the room. Some would stay for this introductory lecture, but never return. This was normal.

While we expect a certain theme from certain types of civilisation, there are those statistical outliers who will worship anything.

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