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Challenge #02639-G082: Slowly and Surely

I don't mean to be rude but... How/why did Havenworlders (in particular level 4 and 5 ones) develop cognizance? With no prey to hunt, predators to avoid, or environment to tame what made increased intelligence advantageous? -- Anon Guest

[AN: That's a good question. FTR Havenworld level 5 cogniscents are so far theoretical]

Picture... paradise. A perfect world for creatures to roam around and find what they need with few challenges in the way. Egocentric Deathworlders can't imagine how creatures in such a paradise would evolve towards cogniscence. There's no reason to develop big brains.

However... there's no resource scarcity to prohibit growing brains either. Mutation tends to happen a little more often with less to subtract from the lifeform experiencing it. As was mentioned elsewhere in the archives, Havenworlders more or less saunter vaguely towards cogniscence.

As for how they get into space... many create the infrastructure by remote before they ever venture into the unforgiving vacuum. They over-prepare for hazards, at least on the exterior of the vessel. Thusly, Havenworlder spacecraft are dreadnaughts on the outside, and soft candy castles on the inside. Deathworlders often make the comparison to hard-shelled, soft-centred sweetmeats when talking about Havenworlder ships.

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