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Challenge #03853-J201: The Next Step

Mr Sunshine finds that his usual ... escorts, are around less and less often. And if he looks at his file, he's cleared to interact with kids, at least in public. -- Anon Guest

Some psychopathic, sociopathic murderers have moral standards. It surprises everyone to know this. Most of them have a better moral structure than your average Deregger CEO[1]. Or, for that matter, the people who support them into power.

Mr Sunshine found himself examining his own profile. The history of his life and all the psychological entanglements therein. He knew most of this. He knew he was dangerous. Heartless.

Becoming tutor and guide to Jay altered things. So too did his encounters on their third Deregger world together. He had taken the time to move the youngest children from the CEO's private creche of heirs, and into the more common throng.

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