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Challenge #03539-I251: Inside the Church of... Me?

Wraithvine finds a temple out in the woodlands that is dedicated to aiding all those who come seeking no matter who they are, or where they come from. The temple has several worshipers and a single cleric. And whose face is it upon statue of the god in the place of honor and worshiped within? Wraithvine hirself. -- Anon Guest

Temples were always hit-and-miss shelters in extremis, and Wraithvine was a little bit dubious regarding the kindness of those strangers. The least one could expect was an attempted conversion with a sermon on the side. However, in a null-magic zone, one had to make do.

And the weather outside was frightful.

It was a temple made to meet needs. A kitchen had a pot of stew going and someone was baking fresh bread. Someone else handed hir a fresh towel and welcomed hir as 'sibling'. Wraithvine wondered a little about that until ze saw what the holy symbol of this chapel was.

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