Car Chase

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Challenge #01867-E043: Got'cha

[Person 1] “It’s no use! We’ll never make it in time!”

[Person 2] “Scoot over. I didn’t have my driving license revoked for nothing!” -- TheDragonsFlame

So. Let's recap. They were in what only appeared to be a Tuktuk, stuck in traffic, desperate to make it to the big public exposé to expose more than the badguy could ever want made public, and without much of a hope. Except the one that Els was uncannily good with machines and had been left alone with the Tuktuk for half an hour.

Dav clambered out of the driver's seat and buckled in. Five point harness. Always a bad sign. "If you get pulled over, I'm feigning some kind of attack so you have a good excuse."

"That's what friends are for!" Els opened up a mystery hatch in the dashboard and pressed a button. Pulled the wheel to one side, and started cackling.

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