Breaking Point

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Challenge #02293-F103: Not Easily Broken

“Everyone has a point where they snap. Question is, human, where’s yours?” -- Anon Guest

"Depends on what you mean by 'snap'," said Human Liss. They were already three-quarters broken. A thousand small injuries adding up to more than a few big ones. They had been caught without their livesuit during this particular raid and over half of those minor injuries were accidentally self-inflicted. The rest were acquired in a way that had "the other guy" in a whimpering ball of pain if they managed to survive at all. "If you mean the point where a Human starts getting violent, then that went zinging by the instant your lot smashed Stabby."

Lord Theep, Conqueror of Worlds didn't appear to notice that one warning. "You seem... subdued. You're paces away from collapse. Humans are tough, but they're not that tough."

"I wasn't finished talking," said Human Liss. "There's other ways to snap. Emotionally, where the heart breaks and thought ends, and a tearing heart comes out in screams. And, as you said, physically. Where the body breaks down and nothing more is possible. Finally... there's the soul snap. Where everything else, every other failure, every other break... simply fails to matter."

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Challenge #02222-F032: Snapping Point

(Sorry for everything bad in this prompt. My grammar isn't perfect. Anyway English isn't my native language :/)

Obsession about humans is almost natural in some species. Scientists literally love watching their human beings on tests. But some scientists went too far, when they ask: How much pain can human endure before they give up? -- Anon Guest

[AN: No worries, Nonny. When I encounter a prompt with obvious grammatical or spelling errors, I fix them up so that the soul of the

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Challenge #02178-E349: Worn Away

"I don't like escort mission..."

"It can't be that bad !"

"We must escort a class 1 Havenworlder with no survival instinct." -- Anon Guest

[AN: See here for reference on Havenworlder scale]

Havenworlders, especially, are known for not exactly evolving, but sauntering vaguely along the evolutionary tree until cogniscence eventually kicked in through sheer boredom. The higher the Havenworlder instinct, the worse they are at certain survival skills.

This is not the rule. Unfortunately for Humans thinking they have an easy escort

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