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Challenge #03227-H318: Should Have Listened

Capturing any member of Pax Humanis is no small feat, but capturing a Pax Humanis leader and not knowing who they are is a mistake you won’t live long enough to regret -- LatinoThor45

Pax Humanis don't form teams. They make packs. They don't plan to eliminate a large problem for the CRC. They hunt. They are, at their core, the Humans that all the stories warn you about. They are the very rare few who are barely better than animals.

The CRC does what they can to ensure they have a good life, but they also make sure that they can't hurt anyone. Well. Anyone that doesn't need to be removed from the rolls of the living.

It's understandable that many members of Pax Humanis don't get out often. They get to expend their energies hunting wildlife and occasionally terrifying their therapists. When they do get out, someone is going to die. Most of the time, it's the target. Sometimes, it's the killer sent after them.

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