Big Day Coming

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Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...

Tomorrow morning is a busy morning.

Tomorrow morning, I get up,do my usual morning weigh-in [I'm in the 90K zone! Yay!] brush my teeth and take my meds... and then make sure both toothbrush and inhaler are in my carry-on.

Tomorrow, I take my refrigerated meds out of the fridge and pack them in my luggage. I make sure one baggie of supplements is in my carry-on and the other's contents go down my throat.

Tomorrow, I am sad to announce that the story will be rushed..

Tomorrow, I close down all my computer's windows and tabs and shut down before I take off for the United States.

Tomorrow, I get in as many hugs and kisses as I can before everyone leaves.

Tomorrow, I become a time traveller.

Tomorrow... I say goodbye to Australia. And my home. And my family. [BTW Mum you can keep emailing me. I like to see you in my inbox]

Tomorrow... I hope that various customs agents don't elect to give me hell because my luggage X-rays look suspect.

Tomorrow - I pray to the Powers that my big suitcase doesn't go walkabout.

Today... I am cleaning a lot of photographs out of my phone, signing up to Uber, and making absolutely, positively certain I have everything I need.

...I might be stealing an extension cord...

The big suitcase is already pretty chockers. It's going to be some fun to take home the wheelbarrow of merch I want to get. But I know luggage tetris. I should be cool.

Today - I write the thousand words that keep me on my schedule for writing my WIP [ten weeks before its done and I STILL don't have enough word back from any of my beta readers. Yikes] Today, I put one Vice Quadrant badge into the big suitcase. Today, I worry about marking my bags so that everyone knows they go together.

And tonight... with all luck... I should be having a Farewell Feast with my family at Hog's Breath.

My blog is going to be out of sync for a while. And I leave it up to you to decide how many stories I owe [I will catch up!] thanks to time travelling. I end up losing two days on the way back home. Not fair.

And tomorrow... I am firmly on my way to see Steam Powered Giraffe. My heroes. [And I'm old enough to be their parental unit... technically... eeek]