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Challenge #01637-D176: The Last Beauty Contest

Alien species may not have the same standards of "Beauty" as us humans. Beauty contest for alien species . Maybe the Alien equivalent of the types who watch wet T shirt contests? -- Knitnan

Of all the wide and varied species in the known universe, only Humans are insane enough to judge each other based strictly on a narrow and nigh-unachievable set of aesthetics, and give people prizes for adhering to them. This has baffled the Greater Galactic Alliance, especially when some human societies attempted to introduce such a baffling custom to Galactic Society.

"I do not understand. You are inviting other species to compete against humans, based on human beauty aesthetics, and they are going to be judged on human aesthetic standards?"

"Well, if we don't, we're being discriminatory. Can't have a Miss Universe with only one species in it, can we? Not now that we're part of the universe."

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Sick Sad World: dear mass media

Sick Sad World: dear mass media



dear mass media: i do not need to lose weight fast, find an all in one wrinkle cream, or use a mascara that makes my eyelashes look longer. i don't need to have firm, smooth, touchable skin and i will not be finding the 'goddess in me' by shaving my legs….

Dear MassMedia:

I don’t shave unless I want to. I choose to have free range legs. I do not wear

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