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Challenge #02421-F231: Organically Sourced Isotopes

Imagine the surprise across the Galactic Alliance when they discover that humans have more than a mild tolerance to small doses of radiation, and that some of our plants are (in large enough quantities) active enough to set off sensors designed to detect much more harmful materials... -- Adam in Darwin

The stasis box arrived in successive layers of protective wrapping, depending on which port it had shipped through, and which species did the transporting on the next leg of its rather long journey. Upon seeing the parcel that was now the rough dimensions of a sleep pod, Human Jef had one thing to say.

"Bloody hell, this is gonna want a lot of unwrapping." Human Jef started rolling the dolly and the parcel on it towards their special enclosure that protected the rest of the Havenworlder crew from everything Deathworlder that could potentially harm them. "All this fuss and bother for some fruit from home."

"Fruit?" echoed Thys the Companion. "This is Deathworlder thing, yes? It explodes? It is poison?" The package had warning labels on top of other warning labels. By all rights, it should have been thrown into the heart of a dying sun just to make certain that the Universe would no longer have it in existence.

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